It’s been a little while and a lot has happened!

Okay so…since my last post…

So I still have diabetes. They have switched my day time insulin to NOVO-log and it doesn’t work as well. My sugars have been in the high 200’s and 300’s. It should be between 100-120. But they are working on that I guess. My diabetic retinopathy has gotten a bit worse. I had the one laser treatment in my right eye and two in my left. There was too much blood in my right to do another treatment. So they gave me a little over a month to see if the blood and broken veins would clear up on their own. But not only did it not clear up but it got worse & it started in my left eye. So now I am legally blind in my right eye and my vision is going in my left… Plus I have a level 4 cataract in my right eye. So I was scheduled for surgery on June 11th to have all of that removed from my right eye. But until today I did not have the green light for surgery because of my heart failure.

Now…the anemia. I am still severely anemic but I finally got in to see the hematologist at the cancer center. He seems to think my very irregular and severe cycles are the cause of the anemia. He also thinks the cyst on my ovary might be the cause of the bad cycles. So, Now I am getting 6 Iron infusions over 6 weeks. I had one last Thursday and after it was over I had a reaction and was in terrible pain on my feet and my hands and lower arms. But I felt amazing this whole week after. I was putting up tables and chairs and walking all over the place and never had to stop to catch mt breath! I have 5 more scheduled on the next 5 Thursdays. Hopefully the reaction won’t happen again or they will at least give me more pills to counter act. The hematologist also wants to make sure I get in to get my cyst removed soon. I was denied for surgery on April 30th by my cardiologist because my heart wasn’t strong enough.

TODAY I had an appointment with my cardiologist and he approved me for surgery on my eye this Friday and also said I could have surgery to get the cyst removed! YAY! YAY! YAY! So after my eye surgery I will talk to my GYN and be able to reschedule that surgery too!

Oh and the bestest news ever! The nurse practitioner I saw while my cardiologist was on vacation said that as soon as my anemia gets under control…my heart should fix itself!

SO……I get the eye surgery which fixes my eyes better than they’ve been since 1987 an I get the iron which is making my heart stronger and helping with the anemia which allows me to have surgery to remove the cyst WHICH will hopefully fix the bad cycles AND the anemia and then my heart will fix itself and I will feel better than I have in years!!! I am so excited that God is using all this shit to turn my life around and make me better than before!!!!!

Oh oh oh!!!! And the icing on the cake people! I told mu OB/GYN  that the doctors i had in 1987 when I had cancer, told my parents that , if I lived past 10, I would never be able to have kids. She asked me a few questions and  said that we’ve not been able to get pregnant because of this cyst and she sees no medical reason why we should not be able to get pregnant after it’s removed!

Holy Moses!!! Prepare yourselves world!! There could be a min Pomeroy coming your way in the next year or two!!!!


And now…

So on Monday, May 10th, I go into UofM Cancer center and get 2 pints of blood by way of transfusion. The Doctors said I should feel a LOT better. Then on the 25th I go to The Kellogg Eye Center at 9:15 and meet with a specialist who will decide if my right eye has cleared up or if I have to have surgery.  After that appointment I have one at 1pm with a Hematologist. I have an appointment with my cardiologist coming up too. So right now there are no answers but they are working on it. And doing a fine job. All my doctors are very nice and concerned for me. They all realize I have been through a lot and just want to see me get healthy.

Josh and I REALLY like the cardiologist. He’s really funny and very nice. He had asked why I didn’t have a follow up cardiogram when I got out of the hospital. I told him that I had had one scheduled but when they called to remind me of my appointment and confirm insurance. They recommended I cancel since I didn’t have insurance and they can cost between 4 and 8 thousand dollars. He threw his fists ih the air and yelled ” WE TAKE CARE OF THE PATIENT FIRST!” Then before he left he said, ” Don’t worry about the bill.  I don’t care if I get paid for any of this. You just need to get healthy.” I was really blessed by that. Then he made sure that all of the prescriptions he gave me were $4 at Wal-mart. Nice guy.

I have been updating on Facebook more frequently if you want to keep track there. Thanks to all of you for your prayers!

Oh by the way.

23 years ago TODAY ( Mother’s Day) I found out I had cancer.

A little update…quick and simple.

okay so a little update. I have diabetes but they don’t know which one( type 1 or 2) and I take Regular Insulin 3 times a day at meals and LanTUS at night. I am severely anemic and should be on iron. I have congestive heart failure and the doctors are still trying to figure out why. I am having a Fine Needle Aspiration done on my neck to find out more about the 4 goiters I have. I am having a cyst removed from one of my ovaries on the 30th of April. And I just found out I have Diabetic Retinopathy in both of my eyes. I had a laser treatment on my right eye today and will have one more on my right and two on my left in the next 4 weeks. So that is what’s up with me and my health. Oh and we’re losing our house. But praise the Lord…Here.I.Am.

uh…8 days to go now people

What happened to the last 10 days?!?!?


It just doesn’t feel like it yet.

I need a monkey to get me into the Christmas spirit.

I need a monkey to get me into the cookie baking mode.

I need a monkey to sing Christmas songs with.

I need a monkey that will dance with me as we listen to

Muppets Christmas.

I need a monkey to call me “Kitchen goddess” and

worship me….hee hee

Natalie…i need you.

I’m really counting down the days till my sister arrives so..only 7 days!!!


18 Days till Christmas

Wha?! Holy cow it’s almost Christmas!

And 2010 is right around the corner. I know it’s coming but it will still scare me when it gets here. Just like when you know someone is hiding around the corner ready to jump out but you still jump and let out a yelp when they do.

But for know I am mostly excited about decorating and baking cookies. We will slowly decorate the house. Probably room by room until my sister, Natalie, gets here.

Natalie doesn’t get here until December 24th. And since the best part of Christmas is the company and held out traditions, we will be starting our count down to Christmas once Natalie arrives. We will pull out the years of ornaments and swap stories of the memories attached to each one. We will bake cookies and decorate them. And yes, even the boys will participate. We will go to the theater and see our Christmas movie. And all the while we will play Christmas music and sing and dance around. Because that’s how we roll.

If there is snow we will go out side and make snow angels. Maybe even build snow creatures and spray them with colored water.  I also plan to watch every Christmas movie we own.

It probably won’t feel much like Christmas until Natalie and Nathanael are here.

What other kind of traditions are there? Sometimes I wonder what others do. One girl at work said her family is Cecelian and so they sit around and eat and get drunk. Ha!

Well here’s hoping you all are having a fun count down to Christmas!


I do love Michigan. Not the football team…The State.


It’s good to be back. It’s cold but I love it. I hope to hit Spicer’s Apple Orchard soon. It’s perfect weather for that.

I have already seen family and gotten to hang out with old friends. I got to scrap book with my Aunt, i see one of my cousins everyday, and yesterday another one of my cousins stopped by and i got to see one of his kids. I love being back!

Then I’ve got two wedding coming up and some showers and babies on the way!

Ahhh…Michigan. How I have missed you and the joys you bring. Thanks God.

We Are Here!


So we are here in sweet Howell, Michigan.

Still Job hunting but things are promising. We thought Best Buy was a bust when Josh called and they told him the position had been filled but it turns out he might still be able to get a job there. If not, he is applying at BOSE and Journey’s so…that’s good. I am applying at Harry & David’s, rue21, Icing, and Bath & Body Works. Cross your fingers for me!

Counting Down

3 days and 8 hours to go!

We’re rolling outta this joint

So it’s official.

Joshua and I are moving to Howell, Michigan this Friday.

Yes, THIS Friday. As in October 2nd.

So we start the countdown.

4 Days and 3 Hours…

Still Trusting….

Well, by now you know me well. I am going to turn a simple little,short story into a long, elaborate one. Read on…if you have the time…lol

FreeMovingTruckWe have been trying to sell our house since about March. We ended up renting it out, ourselves, to a few young men in April. They soon found out it was too much for them and moved out in July.We figured our renting days were over and just really wanted to sell it. We had Steve from Accent Realtors come and look at the house. Accent Realtor guarantees they will sell your home in 90 days or they will buy it. Good deal I thought! But we soon realized we could not even afford the closing costs so selling our house seemed to be out of reach. But Steve told us about Patty, who also works for Accent Realtors. She heads up the Property Management department. Josh and I were nervous about renting but we met Patty out at our house and felt much better. Patty is a very nice lady who has been doing what she does for over 15 years. We felt very comfortable putting our trust in her. So we signed the paperwork, gave her a key and they are doing all the work. YAY!

But now about the picture…

Well the house had been empty and cleaned (thanks to Ben,Rick,and Cori’s help!) since July but we still had a garage full of both our things and some furniture that had been left behind by our previous renters. Patty said we needed to get that stuff out as soon as we could. The problem there being we had NO money to rent a truck and storage unit. We thought we might ask to borrow a van from some friends but their van started making strange noises and was out of commission. And we thought we had a place to store our stuff but that didn’t work out either. I was in tears…I was going to my own blog every day and reading my own post on trust. Reminding myself that I needed to trust in God when things were good AND when they were not.

Josh and I went into Patty’s office to give her the house key and told her we didn’t know when we could get our stuff out because we had no vehicle to move it. She looks at us for only a moment and asks the receptionist if their truck is available. Josh and I were like…huh?! She says, oh yeah we have a moving truck and that’s what it’s for. She reserved it for us for the following Thursday . As we waited for Thursday to come we frantically look for a storage unit under$60 and try and figure out how we will even pay for that! Josh has a brilliant idea and we head to guitar center to sell his massive guitar pedal and my PowerPuff Girl, MOJO JOJO, Daisey Rock guitar. We got $70 for them. Not as much as we’d hoped but enough for 1st months rent on a unit! Then last minute, Thursday afternoon, I found a storage place near our house that’s only $55. Period.

So in the end we got a free moving truck, and a storage unit for under $60 AND the money to pay for it.

Boy oh boy, do I trust in Him.

He never fails. Some times He waits till the very last moment, almost to the point of it being too late…and then in a flash it’s all taken care of. I think He likes to make sure we REALLY do FULLY trust in Him and He has to test us sometimes. And not always for Himself…but also for us.